About Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler

Hey, I’m Flex Wheeler!

I’ve been an athlete my entire life, starting my journey in childhood as a competitive martial artist before going into law enforcement. Working out has always been part of the process and my physique developed immensely from this training.

Fitness and health is what I do; it’s who I am. Being fit is a huge part of my life – I couldn’t imagine not working out and striving to be as fit as possible. The Flex Wheeler brand is a movement I’ve been building over three decades, without any sign of slowing down yet.

I’m a winner of the Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award, four-time Arnold Classic winner, five-time Ironman winner, along with finishing as runner-up several times at Mr Olympia. 

I’ve been in this game for 40 years, and I’ve looked at the industry through many points of view – busy parent, first responder, elite athlete, amputee. Through each roadblock, I’ve sought out expert advice and come out the other side stronger than ever, more knowledgeable and capable of helping others in need.

I’ve helped thousands of clients reach their full fitness potential and experience the life changing benefits of healthy eating and a solid workout routine.

Join the #OfficialFlexWheeler community who have already transformed their lives. Huge results are just around the corner. Let’s get started!


Hey you! Are you sick of wasting hours in the gym without having any results to show ?

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